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The  Daily Regional Newspapers’ Association (DRNA), is the vibration and the voice of Greek Region. It has included the bigger in circulation and readability daily local newspapers of the country. DRNA was founded in 1998, and between his objectives are included, the development of regional Press and journalistic profession, the eminence of cultural particularities of local societies, the growth advertising projection in the Greek Region, the enlargement of public relations between the Regional Press and the wider public and private sector, as well as the collaboration with national and european media institutions.

From it’s foundation until today, DRNA has organized a lot of conferences, seminars and round table discussions. It is considered by the most dynamic Press Associations with international recognition. It is managed by 5member Council and allocates modern offices in Athens, with autonomously in operation departments of Press, Public Relations and Advertising. It collaborates with other journalistic organizations and participates actively in the materialization of European programs in our country.

DRNA recently established an independent Press Institute for the training of journalists and other Media professionals, based in Chania.

DRNA is also a member of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN)

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